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What is MCCLD's Capital Campaign?

Capital Campaign

Your gifts to Mt. Calvary will help us make critical renovations and expansion to our campus to support growing staff, expand student training programs, and to offer more meeting space for events. Your support will also help us create an outdoor space for Mt. Calvary and community programs. 


Mt. Calvary's overall economic footprint in programs and services is over $1.2 million per year in our service region. Our programs and services impact over 10,000 people annually in Duplin, Pender, Bladen, New Hanover, Brunswick, Columbus, and Sampson counties. 


Our goals are ambitious: 

  • Phase One Building Repairs: $50,000 by March 31, 2023

  • Phase Two Expansion: $200,000 by December 30, 2023 

  • Phase Three Program Support: $250,000 by December 30, 2024 


We want to recognize the generosity of our individual and corporate donors: 

  • $1,000: Listed on our honor wall of donors. 

  • $3,000: Plaque and honor wall listing. 

  • $10,000: Office naming, plaque, and honor wall listing. 

  • $15,000: Suite naming, plaque, and honor wall listing. 

  • $50,000: Building naming, plaque, and honor wall listing. 


All donors will be listed in the annual donor report. All donors at the levels listed above will include special President's event invitations and recognition opportunities throughout the year. Gifts of $1,000 can be pledged over time. 

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