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Social Justice Initiatives

Southeastern North Carolina is plagued with challenges relative to race relations, socioeconomics, social injustices, and absence of fair ethnic inclusion.  The Mt. Calvary Center’s Social Justice Initiatives are designed to create a platform for a diversified panel of community leaders of various ethnicities.  The initiative actively engages in candid, yet healthy dialogue centered on rooted behaviors and systematic oppression that presents both immediate and residual negative effects on minorities including ethnicity, gender, low-income, LGBTQ, and other groups.  Such dialogues will derive specific outcomes to enhance cohesiveness and engagement.

The initiative will address fairness in civic engagement, economic development, wages and rehabilitative opportunities.  The inclusion of diversity will enhance the attentiveness of stockholders to improve the organizations and communities which they represent. Additionally, the diverse members will address racially charged injustices that have burst the seams of ethnic cohesiveness.  The panel will consist of representatives of various communities throughout the southeastern region of North Carolina; Pender, Duplin, New Hanover, Sampson, Bladen and Columbus Counties.

Mt. Calvary’s Social Justice Initiatives addresses racial tension that has heightened in recent years.  The initiative works to develop strategies to address such immediate and ominous concerns of many communities.  Developed courses of action for implementation are shared with governing municipalities, law enforcement agencies, educational entities, business and industry, and private organizations alike to improve relations and presence.

The Mt. Calvary Center for Leadership Development is responding to the urgent needs of the communities by bringing diverse groups together, understanding differences, celebrating commonalities, and uniting as Americans.

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